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November 23, 2018

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EDITOR'S NOTE: The following is George Bailey's weekly report "Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch" about his and his wife's efforts to teach their kids financial freedom.


After months of being  harassed by my wife and siblings, I'm finally on Marco Polo. And am I ever sold?! The potential for banter is spectacular. The best thing is that my siblings—all of whom are older and more confident in steering the conversation—actually listen to me. I'm not constantly being cut off by far superior wit. Marco Polo is the great equalizer that all youngest children have been waiting for.


Since yesterday, when I kicked off a Thanksgiving thread with the sibs to let them know how much I love them all, we've been debating pie flavors. I was forced to come out and say that I could care less about pecan pie, which didn't gain me any love or respect. However, I do feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. For years, I've been pretending to myself and to others that I believe pecan pie is an essential part of Thanksgiving dessert. It is not. It is good in its own way but is overly sweet. I dare anybody to disagree.


However, nobody made jabs at pumpkin pie. That stuff is sacrosanct in our family. It was my breakfast this morning and will likely start my day off tomorrow. I've heard it said that blasphemers against pumpkin pie will spend the next life being chased by a pack of ravenous turkeys to the end of time. In a way, I'm just playing it safe by loving pumpkin pie so much.


But all that is beside the point. The real point of this post is that I have a lot to be thankful for. There are three things in particular that I'd like to express my gratitude for.


First, I'm grateful for our followers. It's wonderful to find people who really enjoy the conversations we're having and the stories we're sharing. You've got a billion options to enjoy with your time, and you chose us. We take seriously the quality of Choose the Nickel and hope to grow it in a direction that makes it every bit worth the time that you're using on it.


Second, I'm grateful for every guest we've had on the show. These are busy people who already have lots to do. Every last one of them has graciously accepted my invitation to be on the podcast and to share their wisdom and insight. They have inspired me and helped me and my wife become more thoughtful parents.


Last, I'm grateful for my business partner and wife Christina. She has helped me clarify my vision of what Choose the Nickel is going to be and has supported me every step of the way, particularly with her technical expertise. Without her skills, this show would have been a lot of talk about a great but unfulfilled idea.


Back to my leftovers for which I am also grateful.

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November 2, 2018

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