The Free Book That You Won't Regret Having on Your Shelf

November 19, 2018

Image used by permission of Adam Toren


My kids love free stuff. The minute you tell them something is "free," they're all in. Free whistles? Totally there. Free glow-in-the-dark necklaces? Happy to accommodate. Free books? Of course! Free toothbrushes? Horse brushes? Cat brushes? Denture adhesive cream? All. In.


I, on the other hand, resist "free" stuff. As far as I'm concerned, little in life is truly free. The price may not come in dollars and cents. Instead, it may come in the soul-sucking labor of decluttering my home again and again and again. As far as I'm concerned, people who offer me something for free are part of one grand conspiracy to prevent me from seeing the bottom of my floor.


However, now and then comes an offer of free stuff that I must admit is every bit worth it. Such is the case with Kidpreneurs: Young Entrepreneurs With Big Ideas, by Adam Toren and Matthew Toren. The Toren Brothers have a passion for entrepreneurship that they share generously, and they're just giving away this book in an effort to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. You do have to pay for shipping, but if you're really all that concerned about the few dollars you're forking out for postage, you need to get off your Amazon Prime high horse and get this book for your kid.


Kidpreneurs is perfect for children ages six to twelve. My eight-year-old got a hold of it and has already read it from cover to cover. He's working on his own entrepreneurial ideas and feels motivated by what he's learned from the book.


Each chapter of Kidpreneurs provides children with useful lessons about what starting a business is all about. Chapter topics range from how people make money to how to start a business to how to make sure your business can maintain ethical standards. The Toren Brothers stay away from jargony language that would make it harder for kids to understand these fundamental business lessons.


If I could warn parents of anything, it would be that they should not assume that this book alone will turn their children into little Warren Buffets. Throughout Kidpreneurs, the Toren Brothers exhort their readers that they "may have to ask Mom and Dad" for a little bit of help. In other words, don't drop this book on Johnny's or Maria's desk if you're not prepared to do a little business coaching. If you're not willing to participate and then discover that your newly inspired child has engineered an unstable nuclear reactor in your basement, that's on you.


As I wrote earlier, I'm not a fan of most free stuff. However, most free stuff does not have the potential payoff that Kidpreneurs does. If used right, this book can help put your child on the right path to a profitable future.

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November 2, 2018

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