The Power in Knowing What Money Even Is

November 5, 2018

Image used by permission of Holiday House Publishing Company


In Money MadnessDavid A. Adler spends the entire book teaching kids what money actually is and why we use it. Explaining money to children at this book's level is a pretty tall order, but Adler accomplishes his task all the same and in a way that kids will enjoy.


How do I know that children will enjoy Adler's approach? Because, the past few days, I have been catching my own children toting this book around on the way to this or that. They are reading it without me after initially complaining that the book would be boring when I first started reading it to them. Despite not being easily preached to, my children are converts to Adler's cause.


The most laughable thing about this book is that publisher Holiday House's official page for this book says that it is appropriate for ages 4 to 8. I'm not saying that they're wrong. On the contrary, it's quite accessible for a young reader, as my six-year-old daughter has been discovering. No, what's laughable is that the publisher could just as well have said 4 to 98. I promise that there are many people out there who have not given the purpose of money the kind of thought that Adler does. I'm personally a better human being for having read this hardbound, 32-page, colorfully illustrated volume of only a few hundred words.


Speaking of "colorfully illustrated," Edward Miller's art is terrific! Reminiscent of scrap paper, each picture is fun and bright and inviting for children. Miller throws pictures of currency—U.S. and international alike—in the mix for an extra visual pop. It works well and makes turning pages all the more enjoyable.


Whether on your child's shelf or on yours, Money Madness is a welcome addition to a financial library.

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November 2, 2018

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