So, Your Child Wants to Be a Baker

July 25, 2018


Kids have all sorts of dreams. Some want to be firefighters and police officers, others doctors and scientists. And some kids just want to be dinosaurs (which may very well be possible in time, so take your children's wishes seriously). Whatever the dream, I'm always interested in how parents interact with their children's desires.


Increasingly, I'm seeing parents feed their children's curiosity by exposing them to the work that they are considering engaging in. One great example is Kevin Harrman, who's parents did everything short of space camp to support their son in his wish to become an astronaut. The story's a great one, so don't miss it on the Choose the Nickel podcast. (Yes, a shameless plug.)


Another such family that has employed this type of experimentation is the Pulley family. Tracy, the mom, recently posted a Facebook Live video that showed her daughter after a hard day's work at New Day Gluten Free Cafe & Bakery. Click here to watch.


Three awesome things are happening here. First, the Pulleys are being creative in helping their daughter explore her passions. Second, the Pulleys' daughter is being adventurous in trying out each profession she's been exposed to (apparently, this isn't her first rodeo). Third, New Day is making the whole experience possible by donating its time. Props to all three parties involved.


This type of occupational adventuring is something I've heard of before, but I'd never seen it tried out until I met the Pulleys. I'm excited to use it with my own children.


Before I do so, I don't want to take for granted that businesses like New Day are making a sacrifice to make these experiences happen. I also want my children to be old enough to appreciate what they're being given. It's not like their going in there and adding to the profit of the business entertaining the child's curiosity. Training requires time and effort on the part of any business.


If you have a business owner friend who would be open to training your child for a day, maybe this is a great way to expose your child to endless possibilities.

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November 2, 2018

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