Barbara Corcoran Chalks Success Up to Hustle and Charisma

July 19, 2018


I just finished reading (and watching) a CNBC piece about a childhood story from the life of Barbara Corcoran. Loved it! I'll let you click the link to get the details, but Corcoran's story illustrates how children with hustle and charisma will end up on top as adults. I tend to think that she's right that hustle and charisma will pay off well for any kid. I can already see these traits in a number of children with whom I interact, and it's heartening.


At least a few, if not all of my own children, possess these traits—or so I like to think. In any case, it's pretty amazing to watch them persuade—er, manipulate?—one another as well as their unwitting parents. There's a bit of mysticism about how charisma works. I punish one kid for doing something bad and find myself feeding him or her my ice cream minutes later. Somebody, please square that circle.


A few questions come to mind as I consider what Corcoran's saying:


Are you born with hustle and charisma?


Are children who do not hustle and are not charismatic doomed to mediocrity?


Can you hustle and be charismatic and still fail?


I'm inclined to say yes, no, and yes respectively. However, I can't say that I have well-researched defenses for my answer, so I'm going with instinct right now.


Admittedly, I'm pretty steeped in a personal philosophy that says that we are part nature, part nurture. I've also seen plenty of lazy and boring people (not you, of course) do pretty well for themselves. To the last question, that's softball stuff; I have, at times, embodied hustle, charisma, and failure all within a couple of minutes, so the answer must be yes. It goes something like this: hustle, be charismatic, fail, repeat cycle.


In any case, whether our children can hustle and whether they are exciting to be around, I'm sure they can use all the love and engagement we can give them.

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November 2, 2018

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