Rainy-Day Motivation

June 25, 2018


My father-in-law is quite the hobby photographer. He just sent me the above picture this morning of my daughter (center) playing in the rain with her brother (left) and cousin (right). It's so adorable and inspiring and exhilarating, I hardly know what to say.


I will say this. The day has been exhausting, and my wife and I are constantly plugging away to bring about our family's dreams. When I see a picture like this one, I can't help but persevere. I love, love, love my children. Center is one of them in her natural element. Oh, the glory of it all!


I'm sure that the folks at despair.com would gag at the idea of getting so much motivation out of a mere photograph. Sorry to disappoint, but I think I just got a boost of strength to make it through the rest of this grueling day.

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November 2, 2018

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