News & Tidbits: Family Attack! YouTube Channel Brings Kids' Fantasies to Life

May 7, 2018


My kids are just about to get out of school, and Christina and I aren't quite sure how we're going to keep them entertained. I know that we shouldn't manage every moment of their lives and that it's good for their little intellects for them to imagine their time away. But every time my children imagine something, there are real world consequences: gaping holes in the backyard, sinks filled with dolls, pet mice run amok, and all other forms of unholiness.


In any case, hats off to the mom who had this reaction:


"The kids came home one day and they're like mom 'we want this, we want that' and I'm like, how are [sic] going to pay for it? Because I can't pay for it. And then they ran across my computer and they're like 'what's that?' and I'm like, it's YouTube, then they were like 'can we make a YouTube channel?' I'm like, yeah sure," says Audra Ward, their mom.


You can view the channel that they are developing here.


Making a YouTube channel would not have been my reaction. Instead, we would have spent the next five minutes watching these children tugging on the tail of a massive python.



Then the conversation would have turned to the consequences of playing with snakes twice your size in rivers on the other side of the world. ("I don't ever want to catch you dragging serpents through the rivers of Cambodia!" Lesson learned. Father of the year!)


But I give props to this Audra Ward for making business happen for her kids. I wish her and the Ward children a terrific summer!

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November 2, 2018

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