News & Tidbits: Jen O'Neal Recommends Travel in Preparation for College

May 1, 2018


Jen O'Neal, founder and CEO of, is telling us all to get our kids out of the home and on the road. In her opinion, travel for children is good for their college prospects:


The next time you invite your teenagers on a family vacation and they say they'd rather stay home with friends for the summer, remind them that traveling could help them get into college.


The experience of traveling, whether domestically or internationally, is no guarantee that your children will be a lock with a college admissions officer, of course. But if, by chance, their travel experiences are transformative—and many are in some for or another—they might have a leg up on the competition.


From a cold data standpoint, I can't say that I know enough to judge O'Neal's claims one way or the other. But I'm easily inclined to accept her argument because I'm pretty heavily biased towards travel as an enriching practice. After all, time that I've spent around the U.S. and abroad has been wonderful for me and my family and has opened my mind in all sorts of ways.


I'll add that another way to make a trip enriching is to plan it ahead of time so that you get the joy of anticipation. I'm also thinking about how I can involve my children in the planning process so that they feel they have a stake in the experience. Adding a budget to the mix may help your children to understand all that goes into the ordeal.

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November 2, 2018

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