News & Tidbits: Washington State Promotes Financial Capability Month

April 25, 2018


I always chuckle when I hear that one month or another has been granted some special designation. Frankly, there are just too many of these monthlong observances for a devoted calendar keeper to keep up with. A few examples:


January: Stalking Awareness Month

February: Oral Hygiene Awareness Month

March: Hexagonal Awareness Month

April: National Car Care Awareness Month

May: National Correct Posture Month

June: National Homeownership Month

July: Pancake Month

August: National Hair Loss Awareness Month

September: Trucker Appreciation Month

October: National Crime Prevention Month

November: National Novel Writing Month


No monthlong celebrations to be found in December, though a few noteworthy holidays. And, apparently, my children and I have been celebrating July all year long with glassy-eyed fervor. August, I'm watching you.


If financial capability weren't a passion of mine, I'm sure that I'd be just as oblivious to the existence of Financial Capability Month as I was about all these other observances about 10 minutes ago. But I'm quite aware of Financial Capability Month, and so is the State of Washington:


“Financial Capability Month is the perfect time to have financial education conversations – in classrooms and at home,” FEPPP Chair Representative Monica Stonier (D-49th) said. “Even basic personal finance has the potential to change a student’s life, as well as the lives of those they pass their knowledge on to.”


Good on Washington for being aware that this is a thing. It's time to celebrate financial capability. Take a look around you for opportunities to teach your kids something about money. Darlene Martin has some great suggestions for things you can do with your kids at the store.



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November 2, 2018

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