My Second Attempt at Blogging

April 24, 2018


Yes, I admit it. I've blogged before. In an effort to learn about cars, I started a blog called Daddy Don't Know Cars—a sort of journal about my growing love of cars with my children—that went basically nowhere.


Try searching for it. You won't find it. I've removed all evidence of its existence and will do the same with this blog if it bombs or I snap. I can do that, and you can't stop me. ("Found it!" — hacker)


Needless to say, I got nowhere fast with that car blog for two reasons. First, blogging about something suggests that you either know the subject matter or are constantly learning about it, or both. I did neither. Second, I was deep in my legal studies and had neither the time nor the resources to dedicate to my hobby.


In the process of building up to this new blog, nothing has changed.


Well, that's not necessarily true with the first problem. I do work quite a bit with the subject matter. I'm an expert in life insurance and work with all sorts of businesses and families. I also advise a nonprofit dedicated to teaching children about money. I think about kids a good deal. It helps that I've got four of my own, and not thinking of them would get me in all sorts of trouble.


As for the second problem, I'm fooling myself. I have not stumbled upon more time since law school, and I most certainly do not possess the resources necessary for a successful blog.


But I'm going to do this thing anyway. Let me tell you why.


Through my own life's experience, I've learned that providing for a family is brutal work. I won't go into the details here, but my childhood did very little to teach me how to maneuver the challenges of learning about money and going professional.


Likely, you feel similar. According to a 2009 ING Direct study, parents would rather talk with their children about sex than about money. (I'd much rather that mine had stuck to money—at least during the moment we were having "the talk.")


You may think that you're fine with talking about money, but this study suggests otherwise. Serious conversation—and, more important, training—about how to deal with money doesn't happen enough.


For the sake of our children, I'd like change that practice.


I don't want my children to worship money and worldly notions of success, but I don't want them to fear them either. Both attitudes are damaging.


My plan, as a father of four amazing little souls, is to engage them in lessons on money and business that are fun and that increase their confidence as they grow into adults. In this blog, I will document my ideas—the good and the bad.


I invite you to join me in changing the manner in which we approach this topic with our children.

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November 2, 2018

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