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Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Ken Coleman discusses raising children to identify their God-given talents, marketing, and more.


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Ken Coleman is the marketing genius behind Guerrilla Signs, maker of the world's first fully collapsible, portable mini billboards that are made of the highest quality. With his incredible ability to think outside the box, Ken has given new meaning to the term "guerilla marketing." The company has kicked off with a bang, gaining major interest from national companies such as Wendy's, QuickTrip, and Chrysler. Ken's true passion is inspiring businesses to take control of how to tell their own story.

To introduce this new sign to the masses, Ken brought to life another brilliant creation—the energetic and fun-loving mascot of the company, Rusken. This talking, life-sized gorilla catches everyone's attention at sponsored events. The mascot's playful interaction with unsuspecting attendees is always the most memorable part of the event.

Previous to founding Guerrilla Signs, Ken was a real estate broker for 37 years, 33 years of which he spent running his own real estate company. He has sold over 6,000 homes, amounting to approximately $1.5 billion in sales. Altogether, agents under Ken sold over $2 billion in residential real estate. Ken was also involved in residential construction, helping build over 200 lakefront homes.

Ken helped raise $160 million for the Branson Airport and served as the chairman of the board of directors for the first three years of the airport's operations.

Ken has lived in southwest Missouri for over 50 years. He has raised six children, who are all finished with college.



  • Tell us about your success as a realtor. [1:50]

  • How did your uncle influence you? [5:02]

  • Were there any teachers that impacted you in your youth? [6:36]

  • Are there children waiting for people to uncover their potential? [8:18]

  • Tell me more about what motivated you to start Guerrilla Signs. [9:03]

  • How much do we need to be able to work with others to succeed? [13:37]

  • What makes your signs so special? [16:26]

  • When we talk with our children, do we tend to pigeonhole them into only certain professions? [19:45]

  • How do you identify a child's God-given talents? [22:48]

  • How did you learn to interact with your siblings? [25:17]

  • Why do you put so much emphasis on "word of mouth" marketing? [26:45]

  • You believe that some people are inclined from birth to take more risks. Tell me more. How do we raise children who are so disposed? [33:25]

  • What is your favorite charitable cause? [43:06]



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