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Leslie Greenman, financial advisor and author of Dating Our Money, discusses teaching girls about money, sailing with her father, having uncomfortable conversations, and more.


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Leslie Greenman is a financial planner, speaker, and author of Dating Our Money: A Women's Guide to Confidence With Money and Men. Leslie entered the financial industry after her husband passed on at 35. She suddenly became a single mother of two boys (ages two and four) and learned how quickly life can unexpectedly change. Her goal is to help people plan for the unexpected curveballs life throws us—like death, divorce or disease. Leslie's mission is to empower people with the knowledge and confidence they need to make informed choices with money and men.

Leslie has cofounded Navigate Divorce and received her Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® designation. She is a divorce consultant who wants to empower individuals so they can have a fair and equitable settlement and care for themselves and their family during the process.

Leslie also works at Cutter & Company as a financial advisor. She is a “fiduciary” and has worked in the industry for almost ten years.

Leslie has been featured on Bloomberg's "Money on your Mind," Fox, and NBC. She has also shared advice from her book in Money magazine, AOL Finance, Yahoo! Finance, and many major newspapers like Huffington Post. She has been interviewed for and many radio programs around the country.

Leslie is featured on many online summits. She is about to be a part of the latest online event called "Breaking Pretty Girl Syndrome." She has been one of 21 experts from around the world who were featured in online events entitled "Millionaire Mindset for Women," "Breakthrough to Abundance," "Women's Wealth Summit," and more.

Women’s Conferences have also featured Leslie Greenman as a speaker like Working Women’s Show and Daybreak Women’s Conference in St. Louis. She loves to speak on "How Can You Save When There Is NO Extra Money?" and "Starting Over Again Financially as a Single Person."

Leslie is also active in her community as a board member of the Women's Foundation of Greater St. Louis, The Campership Fund, The Principle Foundation, and as a church member.



  • Can you give us a preview of your book Dating Our Money? [0:45]

  • How did you get the courage to talk about your husband's death and what it meant for your need to be independent financially? Also, tell us about losing your father and how that prepared you to become an independent person. [2:08]

  • How do we prepare our daughters to be independent? [4:53]

  • What were you like as a little girl? [11:50]

  • How did your dad affirm you as a person? [14:26]

  • Why do we treat our daughters differently from our sons with regards to money? [17:30]

  • What got you past the struggle of losing your husband? [19:48]

  • What were the things you did with your mom that were most enjoyable for you as a child? [22:57]

  • What were your hobbies as a child? [25:34]

  • What is your favorite charitable cause? [29:11]



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