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Peter Anthony Wynn, CEO of You Will Change the World and famed hairstylist, discusses taking risks, cutting hair, branding, and more.


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For over 20 years Peter Anthony has helped some of the top industry leaders either develop, launch, outline, or create their winning digital products, including Jay Shetty, Keith Cunningham, Forbes Riley, Nonito Donair, Les Brown, James Dentley, Dave Vanhoose, Brent Phillips, Sarah Marshank, Loren Lahav, and John Burke, to name a few. Global, charismatic speaker and trainer, whose story telling lights up auditoriums. He engages with his audience with his straightforward and personal approach. Also a bestselling author of three books: Overcoming a Rockstar Mentality in the Workplace, Almost 100 Social Media Posts to Drive Traffic, and I Challenge You.

Brash, bold, outspoken, controversial, and right on the money! The prodigal son of NY, a clear enigma in Las Vegas, Peter Anthony has been an award-winning entrepreneur since he stepped into the world of beauty, fashion, and marketing. Making big statements has never been hard for the Social Entrepreneur and Founder of His knack for spotting trends and isolating corporate disasters has created a deep demand for his talks along with his charismatic and straightforward personality he lights up auditoriums. "My goal is always to serve the audience and their leadership by aligning people with shared values and vision. Great companies demand more of themselves, so should great speakers." 

Peter Anthony has been speaking to audiences, leaders, and entrepreneurs by motivating, coaching, and personally developing people as well as consulting with companies. After meeting Tony Robbins and traveling with the master around the world for years, Peter Anthony’s speaking style is motivation meets fascination, watch as it all turns to high energy and passion. His keynotes focus on creating clarity for people and brands within their culture. "Once we have attained what we are looking for, we all have a responsibility to help those on the journey succeed as well." For those who dare to read between the lines and think out of the box, Peter Anthony is the right choice, a contagious visionary.



  • What inspired you to establish You Will Change the World? [0:54]

  • Tell us about how you were influenced by Tony Robbins. How did he talk you out of law school? [2:03]

  • Tell me about you as a child and what prepared you to be able to make the decision to take risk earlier in life. [12:47]

  • When did your parents come around to your decision to go into the beauty industry? [16:34]

  • As a child, were you ever learning about money? [19:43]

  • How do we judge our children less? [22:40]

  • When did you become fashionably aware? [23:39]

  • What is your favorite charitable cause? [31:22]

  • [Peter to George] What's inspiring you to get stories from people like me? [32:31]



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