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Elinor Bailey, artist and George's mother, discusses making art, the importance of writing letters in business, and more.


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elinor peace bailey was born in the Midwest and moved to Scarsdale, New York as a child. Her parents afforded her the opportunity to attend summer programs at both Parson's School of Design and The Art Students League. She took her freshman year at Tyler School of Fine Arts and finished her undergraduate degree at Brigham Young University. After one year of graduate work, elinor married Gary L. Bailey. They parented a family of ten children who are elinor's chief joy. It was during the time that elinor and Gary were doing that, that elinor found fabric and translated her painting to stitchery that you could not smear on walls! She began sewing for herself and her family and then used the sewing machine to make art. Again with her parent’s encouragement, she upgraded her machine and wore out three Kenmore sewing machines.

elinor joined with a group of friends to do a yearly Christmas boutique which helped her develop her affinity for the doll form. Her dolls attracted an audience of faithful fans who bought them. At the request of two local quilt shops, elinor began to teach and develop her prototypes into patterns. She began to travel and teach. She discovered the glories of The International Quilt Market. It was in this arena that she designed fabric for Concord Fabrics, Daisy Kingdom and two lines for P&B Textiles. She got on the loan program for Bernina of America and did an ad for them. She became a creative consultant to several companies and authored books, among them “ Mother Plays With Dolls” and “The Rag Doll From Plain to Fancy”. She has self-published books and patterns of quilts, craft projects, and dolls. These she sells online and through quilt shops with the help of her long time friend and business partner, Beth Watts. They have formed an LLC: elinor peace bailey Cloth Doll Designs LLC.



  • Who is your favorite child? [1:14]

  • Tell me about how you developed the passion you have for your artwork. [1:51]

  • How did affect you to have Aunt Isabel treat your artwork so critically? [4:54]

  • Tell me more about New York and what it was like to grow up there with particular attention to the art scene. [6:30]

  • You mentioned Grandfather and his work for an advertising agency. Tell me more about your observations of him as a professional. What did you love so much about being around him? [12:21]

  • How did your mother influence you? [18:26]

  • Tell me how your business in doll-making and teaching took off. [24:28]

  • How do you teach your children to take an interest in what others are doing? [27:15]

  • What is your favorite charitable cause? [31:18]



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