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Veta Jeffery, SVP of Community and Economic Development at Midwest BankCentre and Executive Director at the Heartland St. Louis Black Chamber of Commerce, discusses emotional spending, Christmas memories, and more.


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Veta Lynn Jeffery has spent her life fighting for the rights of others. Mrs. Jeffery began her professional career advocating for the rights of individuals with disabilities. Her conflict resolution abilities allowed her to serve families by helping them to successfully navigate through education, employment, building and housing issues.

She went on to spend 18 years working in the financial services industry as a licensed professional and the Manager of Financial Services, where she ran agencies and gained national recognition. She received awards and recognition for her ability to develop strong leaders in business and communities and positioned them to serve as ambassadors offering a voice to the voiceless.

Mrs. Jeffery identifies as a Servant Leader, and her desire is to be positioned to help facilitate avenues for others to have access. She has had the opportunity to travel nationally speaking on behalf of various corporations where her role was to bridge diversity gaps, teach others to be financially independent, and develop economic development programs for individuals and communities. Her passion is in building communities and strengthening families.

She currently serves in a dual role as a Senior Vice President of Community and Economic Development for Midwest BankCentre and the Executive Director of the Heartland St. Louis Black Chamber of Commerce. In her current position, Mrs. Jeffery identifies success as when she positions individuals or business owners to have access and/or opportunity. The mission of the Chamber is to make an economic impact on the St. Louis region by organizing the black business community and creating an echo system through which we can build capacity for these owners.

She also serves on the advisory board for The Empowerment Network, where part of their mission is to heighten awareness of every level of dealing with Prostate Cancer.

Mrs. Jeffery is married to Pastor Tony Jeffery, Pastor of The Center of Life Christian Church and they are the proud parents of two beautiful girls, Ishmaiah age 17 and Toni age 8.



  • What is your driving passion for the work that you're doing in finance? [1:14]

  • Why do you think people are so intimidated by money? [3:26]

  • What do our communities need from financial professionals to mitigate the effects of emotional spending? [5:00]

  • Tell me about your own experience of learning about money as a child. [9:22]

  • What are your feelings towards vacuum cleaners now? [13:00]

  • Tell me about you and your mom as a child. [14:32]

  • What is your favorite story from your childhood? [18:24]

  • Can we create stressless days for our family more often in the year? If so, how often? [22:47]

  • If you could name one false idea about either money or business that you would like to get out of the minds of parents so that they do not spread that idea further to children, what would that idea be? Where does that idea come from? [26:40]

  • What is your favorite charitable cause? [32:55]



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