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Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Carol Weisman, President of Board Builders and author, discusses teaching kids charitable giving, family members smuggling diamonds and forging passports, and more.


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Carol Weisman, President of Board Builders, is an internationally known speaker, author, trainer, and consultant.

Carol specializes in volunteerism, fund raising, and governance. She has worked with a wide range of clients from Sing Omaha to the National Council of Voluntary Organizations in London England to the Bermuda Health Care Foundation. She has served on 40 boards and has been president of nine.

Carol began her professional career working with gangs, a marvelous background for working with boards.

She found the gangs better organized, with clearer expectations and a solid leadership training program. Although she doesn't recommend any fundraising that would end in incarceration, the gangs certainly had some "creative" ideas.

Carol has published extensively on fundraising, governance and philanthropy. Her ninth book is Transforming Ordinary People into Fundraising Superheroes... Even those who hate to ask. Her 10th book: Planned Giving Basics: The Why The Who and the How just hit the streets, and Becoming One of the Grateful Dead: Where There is a Will, There's a Way is due out soon. She has promised to stop telling her husband that what she is working on is her last book.

Raising Charitable Children is in its third printing. It has been covered by The New York Times, Parade Magazine, Parents Magazine, and was the cover story of Scholastic Parent and Child.

Carol won a Telly Award for her PBS special "Building a Board with a Passion for Mission." She is still trying to figure out how to mount her award on her car. She is a past winner of the CSPRC Nonprofit Professional of the year.

Carol is currently on the faculty of Everyone Ready. She is a past faculty member of the Learning Institute for Nonprofit Organizations and was an adjunct professor at Washington University in St. Louis at the George Warren Brown School of Social Work.

Carol has a Master's Degree in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis. Carol was a pediatric oncology and hematology social worker at St. Louis Children's Hospital and Children's Hospital National Medical Center.

Carol lives with Frank Robbins, her sweet, long suffering husband of 42 years. Their oldest son Frank Robbins is an engineer who lives with his wife Laura and their three high-energy children, and a yard full of chickens in St. Louis, their second son Jono Robbins, who also lives in St. Louis, is an art teacher and studio art in ceramics. The dog and cat are long gone, and Carol is thinking of letting the plants die.

Carol's personal goal is to get her baby weight off before her son turns 40. She doesn't believe in rushing into some things like dieting, but she knew her husband for three weeks before they got engaged.

Carol serves on the boards of The Ladue Education Foundation, Canines and Kids. When not speaking, writing, and traveling, she works out with a group of plus-sized runners called "The Chaffing Dishes."



  • What inspired you to write Raising Charitable Children? [1:14]

  • Can parents go overboard in encouraging their children to serve? [4:29]

  • What kind of preview can you give readers to your new book Planned Giving Basics: The Why, the Who, and the How? [7:15]

  • Do you have any tips about giving money intelligently? [8:40]

  • Tell me your views about teaching children charity in the sense of being loving human beings? [15:28]

  • What kind of a kid were you? [19:18]

  • What kind of pride does it give you to have family members that helped the jews during World Ward II? [25:31]

  • Of all the things parents teach their children, what is your least favorite false idea about money? [27:17]

  • What is your favorite charitable cause? [30:00]



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