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Dave Blanchard, CEO of The Og Mandino Group, discusses battling child abuse, driving a backhoe, not making pawns of our children, and more.


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Dave Blanchard is the Founder and CEO of The Og Mandino Companies. He has delivered over five hundred speeches everywhere from Boston to Budapest—literally. His audiences have included public and private corporations, business owners and entrepreneurs, college and professional athletes, college and high school administrators, professors, and teachers, and one of his favorite—committed couples. Dave’s presentations are always fun, engaging, warm, and riveting. Dave has a gift for inspiring people to be their very best. He is entertaining but as he would say, “This is not about entertainment.”

Dave has personally assessed over 6,500 individuals who have taken the Habit Finder™ Profile and coached with well over 4,000 of these individuals. It is fair to say Dave knows more about how people think and the impact it is having on their lives than almost anyone on the planet.

Dave is the bestselling author of three books, Today I Begin a New Life—Intentional Creation, The Observer’s Chair—Discovering the Real YOU!, and Equanimity—Conquering Mt. Entrepreneur.

Dave is the creator of the Habit Finder™ Profile and related coaching practicum, and the Intentional Creation Assessment and practicum. He is a co-developer with Paul Blanchard of the InterviewIC Assessment, which is used by companies during hiring processes, and the Team DNA Report, which allows coaches to assess entire teams to identify common strengths and challenges. The Team DNA Report allows a coach to zero in on the primary issues facing a team.

Over 100,000 individuals have completed the Habit Finder™ Profile. The profile is a proprietary and copyrighted application of the formal science of axiological mathematics and employs Cantor's Transfinite Calculus. It measures with laser accuracy a person's habits of thinking and presents the results in an easy to understand format—and in less than fifteen minutes—and it's fun to take.

Along with his responsibilities as a CEO and a full speaking, coaching, and consulting practice, Dave has been asked by the producers of The Greatest Salesman in the World—The Movie, to write the screenplay for the feature film. This will be his 6th screenplay. He is also writing two new books, Adore Me—What Every Woman Wants A Man To Know and The Enough Principle—How to Create Really Big Dreams.

Dave prizes one thing above all else and that is Ramona, his sweetheart of 44 years. They share a “storybook” love and have raised seven children and currently have twenty-seven grandchildren.



  • Tell me about getting the rights to The Greatest Salesman in the World from Bette Mandino. What does it mean to you to have a management role over another person's legacy? [1:17]

  • Do you feel, in any sense, that Og Mandino became a type of mentor for you? [4:17]

  • Regarding the powerful ideas that have guided you through your adulthood, where do you think they came from in your childhood? [8:15]

  • I'd like to get your reaction to a headline that I just read this morning: "Forget Teaching 2nd Languages—Wealthy New Yorkers Now Want Their Kids' Nannies to Do Their Hair, Drive Zambonis, and Give Them Massages." [15:33]

  • What are your favorite cars? [19:10]

  • What is the next step in preparing your children for adulthood after you've laid the foundation of love? [24:17]

  • What charitable cause do you care about the most? [29:41]



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