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Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Former Missouri Governor Bob Holden discusses entry-level investing, farm life, and more.


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Since completing a career in elective office that culminated in 12 years in statewide office as Treasurer and then Governor of Missouri, Bob Holden has focused on working to increase public understanding of the impact of globalization on the Midwest and what the Midwest needs to do to maintain its influence in the world economy. In 2003, he was the Chairman of the Midwestern Governors Association, and he opened Missouri's first trade office in China in 2004.

Governor Holden founded the Holden Public Policy Forum at Webster University and is a advisory board member of Webster's School of Communications. In 2009, he assisted in the establishment of the first Confucius Institute in Missouri. He serves as Chairman of the United States China Collaborative Association and as the Missouri Co-Chair for the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition. He established the One Bright Future Foundation, a not-for-profit public policy organization, as a vehicle for his continuing public policy work.

Governor Holden provides business consulting through The Holden Group, LLC, a Midwest enterprise focused on promoting and developing new initiatives that improve the public good. Projects include consultation for the Midwest Governors' Association, work with private developers and transportation industry clients, and economic investment development. Born in Kansas City, and raised in rural Birch Tree in the Ozark Hills of southern Missouri, Governor Holden graduated from Southwest Missouri State University with a degree in political science. He also completed coursework for government executives at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.



  • What can you tell us about the Holden Public Policy Forum? [1:55]

  • What can you tell us about creating the Missouri MOST program? [3:12]

  • How do you make banking and our financial educational programs more exciting for children? [8:27]

  • Tell me about the "Dollars and Sense" program. [11:08]

  • Tell me about life working on a farm. [12:47]

  • Tell me about the education you received growing up in rural America. [16:52]

  • What are some stories from your childhood of times your parents taught you about business? [20:57]

  • How can we teach children to be savvy about money without being corrupted by it? [24:31]

  • Do you have any more stories from your childhood that continue to influence the manner in which you do business today? [25:36]

  • What is your favorite charitable cause? [27:25]



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