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Tara Kinney, CEO of Atomic Revenue, discusses selling rocks for nickels, not accepting "no" for an answer, working from a virtual space, and more.


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Tara’s first revenue revelation occurred at age 3 when she realized that there is a market for gravel washed in a dog watering bowl. She has since devoted her career to problem-solving and progress-innovating as she managerially supported 76 companies in 8 distinct industries before the age of 40. She has been an owner, key executive, fractional manager, or strategic advisor in building business development operations for 41 owner-operated small businesses and startups. She is now CEO of Atomic Revenue, constant innovator of progress, mom of two energetic young girls, as well as writer and speaker

on related topics.

She is enthusiastic about mainstream leadership embracing concepts she’s been promoting for years such as Gig Economy and Millennial Mindset. These societal norms are driving operational change while improving business profitability and outcomes for all stakeholders.

She believes technology disrupts traditional hierarchy by uniting organizations top-to-bottom through process and data which streamlines operations, drives down costs, and improves human performance. Distributing leadership to every role within the organization meets the demands of today’s customers and workforce. Every one of these concepts from gig economy to millennial

mindset to self-managed organizations directly links to Revenue Operations

from a profitable growth perspective.

As the co-founder and majority owner of Atomic Revenue, she is honored to be on a team of diverse professionals who diagnose, resolve, and optimize profitability for small to mid-size businesses. From lead generation to sales conversion and customer loyalty, the Atomic Revenue team aligns all the parts of a business required for growth. Revenue Operations as a management discipline truly innovates the way businesses grow in a customer-driven sales process.

She gets up, shows up, and kicks ass every day because she loves finding the path for “All Ships to Rise Together."



  • Tell me about this rock-selling experience as a child. [1:24]

  • What was the setting of your childhood? [5:17]

  • Is there a line at the type of pet that you're willing to buy for your children? [6:42]

  • Why do we as adults entertain children when they're selling us rocks? [9:38]

  • Let's talk about teaching children to deal with rejection. [12:13]

  • What was your favorite thing to sell as a kid? What about your least favorite thing to sell? [17:55]

  • Tell me a little bit about working from home. How has that been? How do you deal with the collision of parenting and work? [23:34]

  • What are you doing at Atomic Revenue? [30:31]

  • What is your favorite charitable cause? [32:44]


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