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Updated: Nov 6, 2018

CEO and founder of EZMetrics Jacob Salem discusses effective marketing, discovering meaningful direction, business with integrity, and more.


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Jacob Salem is the digital marketing expert behind the Zig Ziglar presence online. Jacob grew the Zig Ziglar Facebook page to over 4 million likes and followers, organically without paying for a single like, and as he was doing that, he realized the joy that came from helping brands build their online presence.

Jacob and his team of online and social media experts work with small businesses, large corporations, and entrepreneurs to exponentially grow their brands online to get more leads and close more sales—without breaking the bank.

Using Zig Ziglar's time-tested and proven formula, Jacob built his life on six foundational building blocks: Faith, Love, Loyalty, Character, Honesty, and Integrity.

Through the years, Jacob has developed multiple social media marketing companies and has worked intimately with Zig Ziglar International.

Jacob and his agency have helped businesses reach millions of potential customers using Facebook marketing and algorithm management.

He has taught thousands how to succeed in the digital marketing realm, and he's excited to help you do the same.



  • What are your favorite professional accomplishments? [1:15]

  • What is it about digital marketing that you really enjoy? [4:02]

  • If you could attribute your current success to a childhood experience, what would that be? [7:34]

  • Tell me what it was like to see your father waking up so early to work? [9:22]

  • How did you get into Zig Ziglar? [11:27]

  • What was the favorite thing that you did with your parents outside of business? [14:19]

  • What was your temperament as a child? [17:03]

  • What drew you to selling drugs? What influences got you out of it? [20:09]

  • What advice do you have for today's parents about hard work? [27:09]

  • Have you ever witnessed the idea of not wanting to get caught play itself out in the professional world? [29:56]

  • What are some of the right things you've done in life that make you feel happy? [33:42]

  • What is your favorite charitable cause? [35:39]



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