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Owner of Home Buy Design Mike Pulley and his daughter Izzy discuss home improvement, internships for kids, board games, and more.


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Mike Pulley has been in real estate for as long as he can remember. Having seen his father’s success partnering with real estate investors for both residential and commercial property, he discovered a desire to pursue a similar path. 

Over the years, Mike has built a solid foundation of clients through his development services. Mike has closed residential lease and sales transactions valued over $43 million. His specific areas of expertise include historical tax credits, market knowledge, renovation planning, transaction management, and financial structuring.

Mike specializes in applying his expertise in the real estate industry by aiding in property evaluations, maintaining investor relationships, and communication with property management.

Family is the driving force behind all of his endeavors. Mike has been married to his wife Tracy for 14 years; his greatest accomplishment in life is the family they have created. He dedicates his free time to his wife and his two daughters. He can often be found playing hockey, riding bikes, or even sharing some real estate know how. He is currently mentoring his 12-year-old daughter as she purchases her first rental property.


Izzy Pulley is the oldest daughter of Mike and Tracy Pulley. From a young age, Izzy has been helping her parents with their real estate business and is passionate about her work. With her parents' help, she has done several internships and has obtained firsthand experience in several different industries as she decides what she's going to do with her extraordinary potential.



  • (To Mike) What do you do that you are most proud of in your professional life? [1:38]

  • (To Izzy) When was the first time you remember helping your dad and mom with their business? What is it about real estate that gets you going? [5:11]

  • (To Izzy) Tell me about the internships you've been doing. [12:26]

  • (To Izzy) I'm a go-go-go parent. Are my kids going to hate me for it? [14:05]

  • (To Izzy) What was your big takeaway from doing an interview with Maxine Clark? [17:58]

  • (To Izzy) Do you remember what it was you were supposed to be learning from building a resume? [18:52]

  • (To Izzy) In what ways has working with your parents brought you closer to them? [19:56]

  • (To Mike) Where do you draw the line with what you are willing to talk about with your children regarding the business? [20:58]

  • (To Izzy) When did you start playing Cashflow? [23:59]

  • (To Izzy) What are some of the challenges about working with your parents? What are things your parents say that bother you? [27:22]

  • (To Mike & Izzy) What are your favorite hobbies? [29:40]

  • (To Mike & Izzy) What's the value of real-life experience versus getting an education? [32:46]

  • (To Mike & Izzy) What is your favorite charitable cause? [39:53]



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