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Business coach, podcaster, and public speaker Michele Malo discusses teamwork, kids carnivals, going to work with dad, and more.


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Michele is an Amazon Best-selling author, speaker, master connector, and business expert. She is the Master Marketing Consultant at Michele Malo, Your Business Accelerator, where she identifies, strategizes, and advances businesses by breaking down barriers through communication. Michele pulls from 18 years of Fortune 500 corporate experience and five years of being a successful serial entrepreneur to help accelerate your profits within a year of taking on her program.

As a powerful and polished speaker, Michele inspires audiences with her personal story and proven strategic principles to help guide audiences to a better more fulfilling life and career. She provides listeners with actionable tools and takeaways based on extensive research and education, delivered with sincerity, compassion, and humor.

  • Master’s Degree, Business MBA, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

  • Bachelor’s Degree, Advertising/Marketing, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

  • Engaging Speakers “Go Giver” Award

  • Over 40 Females Media Mogul Award

  • American Marketing Association Brandsmart Award and Best In Category Business



  • What are your favorite professional accomplishments? [1:20]

  • If you could attribute your accomplishments to an experience you had as a child, what would that experience be? [4:15]

  • How do you get children to understand the business principle of starting with the end in mind? [6:07]

  • Tell us more about this kids carnival that you organized. [8:16]

  • What was your mom's purpose in putting money in envelopes? [15:14]

  • What was something your mom did that affirmed you? [17:18]

  • What did your father teach you about sales? [19:20]

  • How did your dad's colleagues react when he took you to the office? [22:00]

  • Do you have any recommendations for parents who are striving to teach their children to be hardworking adults? [25:14]

  • What is your very favorite charitable cause? [28:59]



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