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Amy Wollenberg discusses the wisdom of our elders, doling out allowances, vacation money, and more.


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Amy Wollenberg established a foundation in the financial services industry with over twelve years in retirement services management and advisor project consultation. As her knowledge base grew, so did her desire to understand the the individualized financial needs and goals of others.

Amy's financial consulting practice is based on inquiry, clarity, and candor. Through the use of meaningful questions, Amy delivers clear answers to complicated topics in an honest and candid manor. The results allow for collaboration to meet the financial planning needs of clients.

Amy and her husband, Scott, proudly returned to her hometown of Saint Louis in 2012, following twelve wonderful years in Houston, Texas. While keeping up with their daughters' fun activities fills most free time, family vacations are a must as they love introducing their girls to the world through travel. Few things are better than a long road trip complete with good music, great food, unplanned adventures, and visiting family and friends.



  • Tell us about your practice. [2:20]

  • What can you tell me about the conversations you're having with clients about teaching their children to be financially responsible? [3:53]

  • Is it possible for adults to give way to the same envy that their children often experience? [8:19]

  • Where did you get the idea of having the your children interview their parents and grandparents about money? How important is accountability to this activity? Where have you seen the most success with it? [10:41]

  • Are there other ways that we can draw on the wisdom and experience of our elders? [20:16]

  • Tell us about how to implement an allowance effectively. [21:56]

  • How do you transition from giving children an allowance to having them rely on what they make at their jobs? [31:27]

  • Tell me about your own childhood. What experiences most influenced your outlook on money? [33:55]

  • What is your favorite charitable cause? [42:45]



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