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Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Betsy Cohen discusses immigration, being a working mother, family finance night, and more.


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Betsy Cohen is Executive Director for the regional Immigration & Innovation Initiative, the St. Louis Mosaic Project. This initiative is a joint collaboration of the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership, the Regional Chamber, and leaders of 27 organizations on the Steering Committee. The goal is that by 2020 our region will have the fastest growth rate of foreign-born people, reversing our current declines on our regional population of 2.8 million. In fact, for 2015 and 2016, the St. Louis region was in the top two fastest growing regions for foreign born of the top 20 major metros! We involve business, government, education, faith, safety, health, culture, diverse local chambers, and agencies plus the people of our region. The St. Louis Mosaic Project is part of the World Trade Center-St. Louis within the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership.

Betsy is on the board of directors for Welcoming America, a national immigration integration program. She is on the Advisory Board of the St. Louis University Cook School of Business, the St. Louis Crisis Nursery Advisory Board, and the Washington University Council for Sustainability. She has been recognized by the St. Louis Business Journal and the YWCA. She is an advisor to The Yield Lab agricultural accelerator in St. Louis. She has spoken at the US Chamber in Washington, DC. twice on immigration and was a delegate to Germany on global refugee issues in September 2016. She was part of the St. Louis regional trade mission delegation to Argentina in November 2017 to help recruit agricultural companies to move to St. Louis.

Betsy received her BA from Wellesley College and MBA from the Harvard Business School. She worked with international colleagues in her previous role as a vice president at Nestle Purina. At Purina, she also launched and led a St. Louis regional coalition.



  • What is the Saint Louis Mosaic Project? [1:43]

  • Where do you find your passion for Saint Louis? [4:00]

  • Can you tell us more about Welcoming America? [5:15]

  • Tell us about your visit to Washington D.C. and the White House? [6:09]

  • How about your trip to Germany to learn more about the refugee situation there? [7:31]

  • Where did you grow up? [8:47]

  • How did being raised by a single parent shape you? [9:39]

  • What kind of work did you do as a youth? [12:38]

  • When you earned money, what would you buy? [13:18]

  • What kind of music did you enjoy as a youth? How has it influenced you? [14:00]

  • Tell me about the "Mothering That Works" award? [15:28]

  • How did you adjust to being a working mother? [17:12]

  • What were some of the greatest blessings you've enjoyed bringing up two boys? [19:14]

  • Is it important to have discussions about financial issues in front of your children? [20:54]

  • What were some of the lessons you taught your sons about money? [22:07]

  • What advice do you have for parents trying to teach their children about money? [25:32]

  • Do you have a favorite charitable cause? Does having a cause motivate you to work harder to be able to give to that cause? [29:16]



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