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Dreams of Life in Space and Dragons

I found this picture on my phone, which is overwhelmed with photos I took back in the day and have no way of processing. Honestly, does anyone have a way to deal with all the photos they've taken? I'm a pretty organized guy, but I can't for the life of me find a solid routine for keeping up with my ever-increasing collection of memories.

Anyhow, I digress. What's important is that this picture is of a worksheet that my son came home with last school year. I looked at this assignment and felt grateful that my boy is already putting serious thought into his career. I like these insights into how he thinks and what his dreams are. I'm also proud of him for spelling "astrobiologist" correctly.

Okay, I'll admit that astrobiologist feels a bit out there as far as professions are concerned. Not because I don't think he's capable but because it initially sounds like a fantasy job. In some ways, he may as well have said his dream job is to be a dragon (and I would have given him my full support). The following would have been the "5 responsibilities or things things this person must do for this job":

  1. Terrorize villages

  2. Battle knights

  3. Eat horses

  4. Sit on vast hoard of gold

  5. Burninate!

The fact of the matter is that as crazy as it may sound, the idea that my son could one day be an astrobiologist is not farfetched. I'm excited to know that his goal is to search for life in space. Being equipped with this information, I need to expose my son to people, places, and information that will encourage him to follow through with his dream or to abandon it when it's clear that it's not exactly what he'd envisioned.

This type of parenting makes me think of my conversation with Kevin Harrman. He's got great advice in the area of helping children discover their paths. Glad to see that schools are helping in the effort.


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